Comments on The Cure, The Underground and the Post-Punk Movement.

March 11, 2016 - Audio/Video Recalls & Write-ups


– Jan Crocker, Interactive Media Producer/KDV

peter daytonWhen I look at this Cure video from 1980 it’s a perfect example of the shift between punk and the move toward a post-punk sound. Suddenly there is Robert Smith looking shell shocked and starry eyed singing with a background of very sparse and deliberate guitar lines… that creates an impression to me of something new happening in music at that time.

– Peter Dayton, Artist/Musician


– Clint Conley, MOB/ Producer WCVB


– Michael Grecco, Photographer/Director

Deniz OzanBrilliant video! I was there that night! I had forgotten how good the sound usually was in there, possibly due to the wood on the walls (come to think of it, with all of the wood and posters plastered to the walls, that also made it a death trap, OMG! ).

– Deniz Ozan-George, Member Bound & Gagged


– Clint Conley, Mission Of Burma

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