The Rentals

March 31, 2016 - Audio/Video Recalls & Write-ups, Photos and The Stories They Tell
The Rentals

The Rentals

Comments & Reflections


peter daytonI could write a book on The Rentals. I met them when I signed up for a video/performance class my second year at The Museum School. Jeff and Jane were teaching there at the time. It was amazing! They were truly a powerful duo and we all loved them. We shared a lot of ideas and when La Peste started up for real in ’77, they were soon to follow with The Rentals. I gave them their name if i remember correctly, and we lent the band equipment in the beginning so they could get started. They were certainly a very big influence on us and many other musicians as well and i like to think La Peste were an important part of all that.

– Peter Dayton, Artist/Musician


– Jan Crocker, Interactive Media Producer/KDV


– Thom Lane, DJ/Las Vegas Denizen


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