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Wendy Wilson_Tools of the trade in the 80s were limited, today there are a variety of digital tools available to the artist, how do you think that effects the design of the current band and event posters.
Wendy Wilson_How would you describe the body of work in the gallery by Mark Andreasson from La Peste?
Wendy Wilson_The work in the gallery by Mission of Burma sets itself apart from the rest of the posters. How would you define their look and feel?
Wendy Wilson_There are many different styles of work in the posters collected in the Flashpoint Gallery, is there a one that stands out to you and why?
Wendy Wilson_If you look at Human Sexual Response’s poster from the Rat with the heart profile face, what do you think the creator is trying to tell us ?
Wendy Wilson_Pat McDowell illustrated the nighttime cityscapes in Marc Thor’s posters. What type of feeling does her work evoke?
Wendy Wilson_Do you get a sense that the posters in the collection offer a taste of each of the bands different personalities?
Wendy Wilson_If you were to glance over the shoulder of Dini Lamot of HSR when he was creating one of his colorful posters. what do you think you would find on the work space in front of him?
Wendy Wilson_Collage was one of the more common styles for 80’s posters. Do you think there is more to this look than say just eye candy?
Wendy Wilson_In the 80’s there were basically no budgets and few technological tools available. What type of effect did that have on artists and musicians creating their posters?