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Stephanie Klavens-Artist/Photographer
Stephanie Klavens-Artist/Photographer
Stephanie Klavens_Is there anything you would like to add to the narrative of design of Boston Band/Event Posters of the 80’s?
Stephanie Klavens_Ralph Fatello’s unique caricature style stands out from the rest of the work in the gallery. What can you tell us about his design work?
Stephanie Klavens_If you look at the 80’s poster work and some of today’s posters, many still have much the same styles and look. Is this due to a lack of imagination or imitation of successful styles of the past?
Stephanie Klavens_The Mission of Burma’s poster from the Paradise is a photo illustration of all four members combine as one person. What do you think the band might be telling us if anything?
Stephanie Klavens_Magnus Johnstone was a painter who also created event posters for the Punkt Data Gallery. His posters were full of a variety of intense imagery. What sort of feeling does his work evoke for you?
Stephanie Klavens_What challenges do you think designers and artists encountered when creating new techniques for production?
Stephanie Klavens_Do you get a sense that the posters in the collection offer a taste of each of the bands personalities?
Stephanie Klavens_A common theme of posters in the 80’s was the use of collage, what do you think was the reason for that design approach?
Stephanie Klavens_With limited tools and budgets in the late 70’s and 80’s, what do you think was the driving force behind Boston Musician/Artists creating their posters?