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Stephanie Klavens_Ralph Fatello’s unique caricature style stands out from the rest of the work in the gallery. What can you tell us about his design work?
Joanne Kaliontzis_When you look at Ralph Fatello’s illustrative style what does it tell you about the artist?
Mark Flynn_If you look in the Boston Flashpoint Gallery there are lots of different styles of work, is there anything that jumped out and surprised you?
Ralph Fatello_Is there any one poster that you did that you like the most and why is that special?
Ralph Fatello_If you look in the Boston Flashpoint Gallery there are lots of different styles of work. Is there one that jumps out at you and why?
Ralph Fatello_Artist Peter Dayton from the band La Peste said that “The Xerox machine and band poster art was also a huge influence in the scene…serving like a very early version of the internet.” Do you agree with him or do you think it was something other than that?
Ralph Fatello_Your poster Don’t Move with the pistol. That was the show you did at the Rat with the Police. Tell us about that night.
Ralph Fatello_Some people say they say the music poster is usually a billboard for the style or the type of music they are likely to see from the band being promoted. Is that true of your poster work and the Vinny band?
Ralph Fatello_There are several Italian references in your art work. You consider yourself the Leonardo De Vinci or the Umberto Boccioni of the 80’s music poster scene?
Ralph Fatello_The Vinny Band with the Real Kids poster at the Rat with the curvy Choogumbi Girl. Is Choogumbi a meal…disease…what the hell is Choogumbi?
Ralph Fatello_You every find yourself in any trouble posting your work? Posting illegally according to the authorities or being chased away by an angry merchant?
Ralph Fatello_Lot’s off yellow paper stock with your posters. You run out of other colors or was there a reason for that?