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Wendy Wilson_The work in the gallery by Mission of Burma sets itself apart from the rest of the posters. How would you define their look and feel?
Stephanie Klavens_The Mission of Burma’s poster from the Paradise is a photo illustration of all four members combine as one person. What do you think the band might be telling us if anything?
Stephanie Klavens_Do you get a sense that the posters in the collection offer a taste of each of the bands personalities?
Joanne Kaliontzis_Do you think there was a conscious consideration given to the balance between the art and the message in these posters?

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Mark English_How would you compare the two different styles of Magnus Johnstone and Mission of Burma?
Clint Conley_Artist Peter Dayton from the band La Peste said that “The Xerox machine and band poster was also a huge influence in the scene…serving like a very early version of the internet.” Do you agree with him?
Clint Conley_Who did the poster from the Paradise with SS D Control that is a composite of all the band members, and how was it done?
Clint Conley_When Clint Conley sat down to create a poster, what was on the table in front of him?
Clint Conley_How long a process was it for you to create a poster?
Clint Conley_What was more important to you the look or the information on the poster?
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