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Mark Flynn_What is your background and how did you fit into the music scene back in the days between 1978_82?
Mark Flynn_There was a sharing of concepts and looks of band poster art styles, with 45 covers, and even pins and badges at the time. Where you involved in the creation of any of those other types of designs?
Mark Flynn_If you look in the Boston Flashpoint Gallery there are lots of different styles of work, is there anything that jumped out and surprised you?
Mark Flynn_You every find yourself in any trouble posting your work, like putting up Punkt Data posters in the North End or being chased away by an angry merchant or property owners?
Mark Flynn_Do you think it’s fair to say that the posters you would find on the wall and street poles around the city of Boston had as much to do with the music scene as the music itself?
Mark Flynn_Magnus Johnson has some of his work featured in the Gallery and a tribute piece written by you here on the blog. Tell us a little about Magnus.
Mark Flynn_Many of the posters plastered around the city came from the bands, but some from event driven art groups like Punkt Data. Tell us about Punkt Data.
Mark Flynn-Artist/Musicologist
Mark Flynn-Artist/Musicologist

Alan Vega the electronic suicide punk has left the scene at age 78. Best known for his work with Martin Rev in the band Suicide, Vega’s brash and uncompromising musical style put him in position where you either loved his work or hated it. In 1979 while opening up for the Cars in Boston he dropped by the Boston Architectural Center for a chat with Oedipus who was doing a live remote of his “Demi Mode” show for WTBS. The interview was filmed at the punkt data show organized by Mark Flynn and his cadre of artistic hooligans.  Alan shares his stories of touring with the Clash in Europe, being punched out by skinheads, and tear gassed in Belgium. All in a days work of artist who put it all on the line whether you liked it or not. RIP Alan Vega.


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Alan Vega Electro_Punk Leaves the Planet at 78