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Joanne Kaliontzis_How would you describe the work by Mark Andraesson from the band La Peste?
Marc English_What was more important to most of the Boston bands, the medium or the message…the design look or the information?

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Marc English_Which posters in the gallery stand out to you and why?

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Marc English_Do you think the posters were simply decorative or can you see elements of intentional design?

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Mark English_What were the ground rules if any, for design of the Boston band and event posters back in 80’s?
Mark Andreasson_What question did you always want Mark Andreasson to be asked about his art, being it posters or music, but it never came about?
Mark Andreasson_There are two poster’s from the Bird Cage in the gallery. That was a strip club in Boston’s Combat Zone. Did playing that club influence the reoccurring visual thread of women in provocative poses?
Mark Andreasson_Some of the work in the Boston Flashpoint Gallery comes from musicians who spent time in art school. Is that where you developed your artistic skills?
Mark Andreasson – Do you think it’s fair to say that the posters you would find on the wall and street poles around the city of Boston in the 80’s had as much to do with the music scene as the music itself?
Mark Andreasson- Artist/Musician-La Peste
Mark Andreasson- Artist/Musician-La Peste