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Marc English_Do you think the posters were simply decorative or can you see elements of intentional design?
Mission of Burma, “Devotion”, and The Underground
Mission of Burma formed back in April of 1979. They have been called a post-punk band, but in fairness their unique sound defies any specific category. The [...]
Jim Coffman – Underground Manager
Jim Coffman – Underground Manager
Why do you think The Underground was able to land big names like The Cure, OMD, New Order, and the other “Big Door” venues didn’t?
  – Marc English, Design Shaman   – Michael Whittaker, Producer/Consultant   “I’m not really sure, maybe because those bands [...]
What made The Underground unique, special?
It was a space that allowed newer bands access to a club that was not at all conventional in terms of what type of music was booked and being supported. It [...]
Are you going to Spit or The Underground?
  – Thom Lane, DJ/Las Vegas Denizen   – Marc English, Design Shaman   – Michael Whittaker, Producer/Consultant “Well I [...]
What different types of people would you find at an Underground show?
It was a very mixed crowd. I guess in today’s lingo you would call that music crowd…”Hipsters.” – Peter Dayton, Artist/Musician [...]
The Stains
The Stains
Should there be a statue built of club manager Jim Coffman and placed outside the BU laundry mat that replaced The Underground?
  – Marc English, Design Shaman     – Al Quint, Host Sonic Overload   – Jan Crocker, Interactive Media Producer/KDV [...]