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Wendy Wilson_How would you describe the body of work in the gallery by Mark Andreasson from La Peste?
Wendy Wilson_Do you get a sense that the posters in the collection offer a taste of each of the bands different personalities?
Andy Reissig_If you look in the Boston Flashpoint Gallery there are lots of different styles of work. Is there something that jumps out at you and why?
Andrew Neumann_If I asked you to take the tools you work with today to create a large format electronic sculptured music poster say for the band La Peste, what might you come up with?
Richie Parson_What are your favorite posters from the Boston Flashpoint Gallery and why?
Joanne Kaliontzis_How would you describe the work by Mark Andraesson from the band La Peste?
Marc English_What was more important to most of the Boston bands, the medium or the message…the design look or the information?

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Marc English_Which posters in the gallery stand out to you and why?

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Marc English_Do you think the posters were simply decorative or can you see elements of intentional design?

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Mark English_What were the ground rules if any, for design of the Boston band and event posters back in 80’s?
Mark Andreasson_What question did you always want Mark Andreasson to be asked about his art, being it posters or music, but it never came about?
Mark Andreasson_There are two poster’s from the Bird Cage in the gallery. That was a strip club in Boston’s Combat Zone. Did playing that club influence the reoccurring visual thread of women in provocative poses?