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Joanne Kaliontzis_For years it seemed the rock poster was a dying art form. What do you think attributed to its current resurgence and why do you think it’s survived all these years?
Joanne Kaliontzis_If you look at the Human’s Dini Lamot’s poster from Cantones, what do you think he might be saying?
Joanne Kaliontzis_How would you describe the work by Mark Andraesson from the band La Peste?
Joanne Kaliontzis_The illustrative posters in Marc Thor’s collection reflect an urban night time feeling. As a designer what does his work communicate to you?
Joanne Kaliontzis_Do you think there was a conscious consideration given to the balance between the art and the message in these posters?
Joanne Kalontizis_Collage was a popular style in many of the band and event posters 80’s and is still relevant today. Why the reoccurring trend?
Joanne Kaliontzis_There are many styles of work in the posters collected in the Boston Flashpoint Gallery. Is there a style that stands out to you and why?
Joanne Kalontzia_Do you think poster design of the 80’s was more decorative as opposed to providing utility of purpose?
Joanne Kaliontzis_When you look at Ralph Fatello’s illustrative style what does it tell you about the artist?