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Dini Lamot_Your Moving Parts poster is fabulous. The glass effect looks like an Adobe Photoshop filter, how did you do that?
Dini Lamot_If you look in the Boston Flashpoint Gallery there are lots of different styles of work, can you pick out three of your favorites?
Dini Lamot_You every find yourself in trouble posting your work, putting up your posters illegally or being chased away by an angry merchant?
Dini Lamot_If you ever found yourself stuck for ideas… what would you turn to generate inspiration?
Dini Lamot_Some of the posters show HSR with their eyes blocked out with black bands. Was the band in a (WPP) Witness Protection Program or were you making a visual statement?
Dini Lamot_The introduction of the color Xerox machine must have had a big impact on your work. How important was that?
Dini Lamot_Who influenced your style for poster design?
Dini Lamot_When you created a poster what was the creative process and how long would a typical Dini poster take to make?
Dini Lamot_You sit down to create a poster. What is on the table in front of you?
Dini Lamot_There are several different design styles in the Flashpoint Gallery, much of your work uses the collage technique. Why did you take that design approach?
Dini Lamot_Some of the work in the gallery comes from musicians who were in art school. Is that where you developed you artist skills?
Joanne Kaliontzis_If you look at the Human’s Dini Lamot’s poster from Cantones, what do you think he might be saying?