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Wendy Wilson_There are many different styles of work in the posters collected in the Flashpoint Gallery, is there a one that stands out to you and why?
Dini Lamot_Your Moving Parts poster is fabulous. The glass effect looks like an Adobe Photoshop filter, how did you do that?
Wendy Wilson_Do you get a sense that the posters in the collection offer a taste of each of the bands different personalities?
Wendy Wilson_If you were to glance over the shoulder of Dini Lamot of HSR when he was creating one of his colorful posters. what do you think you would find on the work space in front of him?
Dini Lamot_If you look in the Boston Flashpoint Gallery there are lots of different styles of work, can you pick out three of your favorites?
Dini Lamot_You every find yourself in trouble posting your work, putting up your posters illegally or being chased away by an angry merchant?
Dini Lamot_If you ever found yourself stuck for ideas… what would you turn to generate inspiration?
Dini Lamot_Some of the posters show HSR with their eyes blocked out with black bands. Was the band in a (WPP) Witness Protection Program or were you making a visual statement?
Dini Lamot_The introduction of the color Xerox machine must have had a big impact on your work. How important was that?
Dini Lamot_Who influenced your style for poster design?
Dini Lamot_When you created a poster what was the creative process and how long would a typical Dini poster take to make?
Dini Lamot_You sit down to create a poster. What is on the table in front of you?