La Peste – DVD






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$15.00 – La Peste DVD – NTSC, Includes U.S. Shipping

$17.00 – La Peste DVD – PAL, Plus International Shipping


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Package Information:

La peste live show includes:

  • Interactive menus that can be browsed with a typical DVD controller
  • A complete show from front to back filmed in Boston 1979.
  • Each individual song can be accessed at the Main Menu’s “Set List” option that contains eight songs from the full show including:
  • Die In My Sleep
  • Truth
  • Please Love Sex
  • Whites of Your Eyes
  • I Don’t Know Right From Wrong
  • Someone Somewhere
  • Not Today
  • Better Off Dead


Additional Videos are also included, featuring show posters, La peste artwork, slides and photographs edited to six more songs:

  • Acid Test
  • Blood
  • Color Scheme
  • Kill Me Now
  • Spy Master
  • You’re Too cute

The Audio_Pix Gallery has additional studio and live recordings edited with imagery not included elsewhere. The Gallery features:

  • Black
  • Hold on to Love
  • Kindness Invites Abuse
  • Let Me Sleep
  • Pop Rock Polls
  • Skin Tight