Jeff and Jane Hudson – THE MIDDLE

September 15, 2016 - Audio/Video Recalls & Write-ups


Jeff and Jane Hudson were pillars of the music and art scene in Boston during the late 70’s and 80’s. The duo created imaginative outside the box music with their band the Rentals. They opened for the Clash at Harvard Square Theater in 1979, taught at the Boston’s Museum School, and worked with a slew of talented Boston musicians like Peter Dayton of La Peste who recently spoke here of Jeff and Jane as “a powerful due …they were certainly a very big influence on La Peste and many other musicians as well…we all loved them”

Well strap yourself in cause Jeff and Jane are back with THE MIDDLE, a smashing NEW track. The video is directed by Luis Aira who worked with several Boston bands in the 80’s including the Neighborhoods, Till Tuesday, New Models, and The Cars. Luis’s talent has lead him down several artistic paths and he’s hooked up here with Jeff and Jane to create a stunning rhythmic Sci fi visual tour de force. The video was shot in LA and stars Violet Paley, who creates a lasting impression with a terrific avant garde intergalactic performance as the alien visitor. It’s great to see Jeff and Jane’s musical evolution and Luis’s creative vision with THE MIDDLE. It’s certainly something worth watching and listening to time and again. Enjoy… I sure as hell did!!!

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