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Non Linear Editing

KDV can take whatever you give us and shape, mold, and edit the material into a presentation that meets your needs.

We have complete non-linear digital editing facilities at our fingertips:

  • Pentium 4-powered...
  • Adobe Premiere Pro-equipped...
  • Matrox RTX 100-enhanced...

Need we say more? We can work input and output with multiple video formats including MPEG-1 & 2, DV, AVI, Windows Media Series, and QuickTime.

Also standard analog formats both NTSC and Pa including Beta cam SP, U-Matic, S-VHS, HI-8, and Grannies old VHS tapes too! KDV can provide editorial support for broadcast formats, DV, DVD, CD, VCD, SVCD, and the Web. KDV has complete software integration with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Encore DVD, and Adobe Photoshop software. In the end your project will look and sound great!


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