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Mission of Burma, “Devotion”, and The Underground
Mission of Burma formed back in April of 1979. They have been called a post-punk band, but in fairness their unique sound defies any specific category. The [...]
Jim Coffman – Underground Manager
Jim Coffman – Underground Manager
Why do you think The Underground was able to land big names like The Cure, OMD, New Order, and the other “Big Door” venues didn’t?
  – Marc English, Design Shaman   – Michael Whittaker, Producer/Consultant   “I’m not really sure, maybe because those bands [...]
What made The Underground unique, special?
It was a space that allowed newer bands access to a club that was not at all conventional in terms of what type of music was booked and being supported. It [...]
Are you going to Spit or The Underground?
  – Thom Lane, DJ/Las Vegas Denizen   – Marc English, Design Shaman   – Michael Whittaker, Producer/Consultant “Well I [...]
What different types of people would you find at an Underground show?
It was a very mixed crowd. I guess in today’s lingo you would call that music crowd…”Hipsters.” – Peter Dayton, Artist/Musician [...]
The Stains
The Stains
Should there be a statue built of club manager Jim Coffman and placed outside the BU laundry mat that replaced The Underground?
  – Marc English, Design Shaman     – Al Quint, Host Sonic Overload   – Jan Crocker, Interactive Media Producer/KDV [...]